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The oldest continually operating Dim Sum Restaurant in San Francisco, established in 1920 and have been serving up traditional items for 94 years. Our location in this alley used to be a perfumery and the 'good smell' came from the homemade Dim Sum which translated, means touch of heart. When the restaurant first opened, the Chinese immigrants created this gathering place and our savory dishes, which are made in house from scratch, are meant to be shared amongst everyone at the table. At the end of your delicious meal, enjoy a hot cup of tea which is a digestif. There's a lot of history here, evident in the artwork and the layout of our cozy establishment. Welcome.....enjoy your stay and tell your friends about us.


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"A must for any dim sum lover, the fried BBQ pork bun and traditional shrimp dumplings are enough to bring you back for a second, third, and likely fourth visit."


Top 7 Things to do in Chinatown from about.com

Family Kitchen Since 1920

There is no better place in San Francisco to feed the senses than Chinatown. This busting neightborhood is chockablock with fish vendors, herb shops, acupuncture clinice, teahouses, and buddhist temples.

  • Eat a Dim Sum Lunch Stop into Hang Ah Tea Room for an authentic and inexpensive dim sum lunch, opened in 1920, Hang Ah claims to be oldest Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.
  • Visit the Tim How Temple Dedicated to the queen of the heavens and the goddess of the seven seas in 1855, the Tin How Temple (25 Waverly Place; open daily 9-5) is the oldest Chinese temple in the United States. Inside, hundreds of red and gold lanterns hang from the ceiling.
  • Restore Yourself at Daan Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture In business for 40 years, Daan (614 Jackston St: 415-433-3271) stocks traditional herbal remedies and employs two-time acupuncturists.
  • Pick up a Souvenir at the Chinatown Kite Shop, para foils, Chinese costumes and lanterns, and souvenirs. 717 Grant St; 415-989-5182.
  • Take a Wok Wiz Tour Learn about the ornate architecture and best places to shop for souvenirs, jewelry, and linens on a Wok Wiz walking tour. Guides speak fluent Cantonese; tours are offered with or without a dim sum lunch.
  • Visit Buddha's Universal Church A San Francisco historical landmark, Buddha's Universal Church (720 Washington St; 415-982-6116) is the largest Buddhist Church in the United States. The church offers services in Chinese and English as well as tours lectures.
  • Discover Your Future at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory This center of fortune cookie making in California turns out 20,000 cookies per day and also house a small museum. Bags of cookies are for sale. 56 Ross Alley 415-781-3956